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Information Technology Department Meeting AY 2020-2021 Semester 2

28 January 2021

IT Department had a meeting on 24th Jan 2021 at the Auditorium. Dr. Huda Al Shuaily (HOD) welcomed and thanked all IT staff members for attending the meeting. The meeting started with the appreciation to all staff members for their hard work and efforts for the successful online teaching during the last semester. Dr. Huda discussed and highlighted all the achievements of the department in different areas. In addition to that, HOD provided updates on the university merging system.

Dr. Mohammed Said Sulaiman Al Bahri, HOS (Network and Information Security specializations), Mr. Talib Al Mahruqi, HOS (Database, IS and SE specializations) and Dr. Bushra Hibras Al Sulaimi, HOS (Mathematics) elaborated the achievements & accomplishments of their respective specializations and awarded Program Coordinators and Assistant Program Coordinators of their specializations.

Following this, Dr. Huda rewarded the Head of Committees, extra achievement and hardworking members in the committee with the certificate and token of appreciation. The meeting ended with a token of gratitude for Dr. Saad Salman who served as the previous HOS (Mathematics Section) and welcoming Dr. Bushra as the new HOS (Mathematics Section).

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