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Antibiotic Case Studies (11th March 2018)

13 March 2018

Pharmacy Department conducted a day long workshop on “Antibiotic case studies” on 11th March 2018 (Sunday) in M316 (Venue) at Higher College of Technology. The event was organized by Dr. Muna Arif Al-Juma, lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at Pharmacy Department.

The Clinical Pharmacists Mr. Adnan Al-Qasmi and Mr. Sultan Al-Balushi from Ministry of Health were the facilitators for the event.

The highlights of the workshop were as follows:

  • Overview of Antibiotics classifications based on its spectrum, activities and mechanism of action.
  • Worldwide concern and initiatives on tackling antimicrobial resistance, with the focus on pharmacists’ role, as healthcare providers.
  • National guideline of antibiotics and its use in practice.
  • Evidence-based practice on diagnosis and management of bacterial infections with significant empirical therapy and diagnostic tests.
  • Awareness about the evidence-based use of antibiotics on the management of common primary care conditions.

Case studies were carried out through group discussion with a focus on pharmacist role on understanding, interpreting, intervening through solving drug interactions & it suitability; counseling and finally dispensing the prescription. Example of cases that were covered during the workshop was Urinary Tract Infections, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Tuberculosis and Skin infection.

Written by: Dr. S.K.Sridhar
Head – Pharmacy Department

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