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Pharmacy Department – Guest Lecture (28.11.2017)

10 December 2017

The Pharmacy Department organized a guest lecture on 28.11.17 for its students and staff. The guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Amna Al Hashar, (Deputy HoD and Training Coordinator - Hospital Pharmacy Department, Sultan Qaboos University as part of industrial engagement and continued professional development activities. The topic of the presentation was “Medication Reconciliation: An Accreditation Requirement or a Patient’s Safety Needs?” The lecture highlighted the importance of acquiring patients’ medication history, providing appropriate patient counseling with regards to their medication and standardizing the process of maintaining patient medication records in improving patient safety and quality of care. The lecture also emphasized the vital role of patients’ awareness of their own medication in minimizing adverse drug events. 

Written by:
Dr. S.K.Sridhar
Head – Pharmacy Department

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