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Knowledge Sharing Activity by Dr. Muna Arif Al-Juma (Pharmacy Department)

04 July 2018

Dr. Muna Arif Al-Juma (Lecturer of Pharmacy Practice) had presented her PhD work entitled “Self-care in Oman: public and healthcare professional perspectives” as a knowledge sharing activity with the staff of Pharmacy Department.

It is the first study to look at self-care in Oman and its place in Omani health system, for the aim of improving the role of pharmacy profession- working in primary healthcare and community - in patient healthcare. It is a qualitative study used semi-structured interview guide. Data were collected using semi-structured face-to-face interviews with Omani public recruited from public places and HCPs (GPs and Pharmacy staff working in private and government primary healthcare sector). The data was analyzed thematically using the principles of constructivist grounded theory. Three main themes were identified that influenced the self-care of minor ailments in the Omani health system: individual knowledge, beliefs and attitudes; communication and relationships; and the healthcare system. This research study represents the first holistic understanding of the factors that influence self-care and management of minor ailments in Oman, including the opportunities and challenges for the pharmacy profession in providing patient care. This conceptual model could help in adapting a comprehensive approach to effectively address factors related to optimizing the self-care of minor ailments and improve utilization of healthcare services. The three main themes influencing self-care in Oman have highlighted a number of important implications for future practice and research to improve primary healthcare provision and the role of pharmacy profession in patient care.

Dr. S.K.Sridhar 
Head – Pharmacy Department

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