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SP Development Workshop April 23-24, 2019 conducted by the Quality Assurance Department

03 June 2019

The Strategic Plan for the Colleges of Technology, with its six elements – Motto, Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Gradate Attributes – was provided by the Ministry in the month of November 2018. Followed by that, training sessions were arranged for the Heads of Quality Assurance Departments of the CoTs by the Ministry, and they were asked to further develop the Plan with Objectives and Strategies to achieve the Strategic goals. In this connection, the department of Quality Assurance, in consultation with and the support of the Office of the Dean, a two-day workshop was organized for the purpose.

On the first day of workshop which started at about 9:00 AM, after a brief presentation on SP Development by the Head of Quality Assurance Department, the participants worked on the development of Objectives for the Strategic goals of the new SP until 1:00 PM. The participants were divided into 20 different groups, 8 people in each table. Each table of participants were guided by a facilitator who was responsible for saving the result of the discussion on OneDrive. At the end of the day, the QAD and the selected focus group members consolidated the objectives of the twenty groups and drafted the objectives.

The second day of the workshop was dedicated for the development of strategies and the relevant KPIs and their corresponding targets. The same groups worked on the objectives compiled and finalized from the previous day workshop.

At the end of the workshop the students who participated in the SP development were awarded a certificate of appreciation by Dr. Badriya Al Shammakhi, the Head of Quality Assurance Department.

The Strategic Plan, with the strategic goals and their corresponding objectives, strategies and Key Performance Indicators developed during the workshop have been forwarded to the Ministry of Manpower for their review and approval.

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