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RHS Orientation for Fashion Design Students

09 November 2020

8th of November 2020 Fashion Design students have attended Risk, Health and Safety online meeting organized by RHS Coordinator Mr. Maadhad Al Busaidi.

In order to prepare for our students coming back to the University campus in 2020-2021 Academic year and in addition to Covid-19 protocol student’s responsibility, Agenda of the meeting was:

  1. Tips for staying healthy
  2. Assembly point meetings in the campus for emergency situations
  3. Evacuation plans with map instruction

Everyone’s temperature will be checked before entering the class, social distancing will be applied, and every student will receive healthy kit with a face mask and sanitizer.

We are waiting when students can come back to the classrooms and we are prepared to provide a safe and healthy environment for them.

Written by Ms. Ekaterina Agoshkova


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