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Department of Applied Sciences Conducted Three Sessions on “Quality Assurance Matters”

12 January 2015

Thunders rolled in the lecture hall M-213 of Department of Applied Sciences on 7th  and 11th  January, 2015, when three sessions, spanning two hours each, in the morning and afternoon on “Quality Assurance matters” were delivered by Dr. Maximo Roger Pua, the quality assurance coordinator from the Department of Applied Sciences. Knowledge on the need for improvement of quality flashed as lightening in the minds of almost all the staff of the department, who had participated in this event with a reverberation of thoughts as observed in the lively question and answer session at the end.

Dr. Pua started with a retrospection of his own philosophy about quality, which has shown his involvement and commitment in trying to help the administration of the Department of Applied Sciences and Higher College of Technology to establish a sound quality assurance practice.  Even though the vision, mission, strategic planning and operational plan rumbled like thunders from the presenter, the subtle gist of them were properly conveyed to the participants.

Dr. Pua could convince the staff that “Quality Assurance Audits” are “no policing on the staff”, but can help the “individuals to improve themselves and their system”.  Even though the data generated from various evaluations, used in enumerating scores for quality, which mainly reflect the perception of the evaluators, speak of numbers, the real philosophy behind them is to involve everyone in establishing and sustaining a system. The quality of the institution has a direct bearing on the career of the student entering the Oman job market, hence quality control and assurance stands as a mandatory requirement for all the higher educational institutions like ours.

On behalf of all the staff of the department of Applied Sciences,  Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu, Staff Activity Co-ordinator of Department presented a token of appreciation to the presenter at the end of the event.   This event improved the understanding of the staff on the quality procedures and this will definitely help the staff to present themselves positively before the quality auditors.

Please click here to view the photos in the event.

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