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Specialization Orientation for Diploma First Year - IT New Program Students

31 May 2018

Specialization Orientation for Diploma First year - IT New Program students was conducted on 28th May 2018, Monday at 11 AM in N419 by the Registration committee. This orientation was conducted to create awareness among the students about the specializations that will be offered in their Diploma Second year. Dr. Shadha Al Amri (Networking specialization) and Dr. Eman Al Abri (Software Engineering Specialization) of IT Department were prime presenters of this orientation program. They explained the students on the specialization offered in IT new program and how to choose the right specialization . Dr.Shadha Al Amri spoke about the Networking and Information security specializations. Software Engineering and Database specializations were illustrated by Dr.Eman Al Abri. Ms. Jeba Rosline & Rishi Shankar Verma, IT Registrars informed the students to meet their advisors for choosing their specializations for the next semester. Around 50 students participated in this event with great enthusiasm.

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