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A seminar entitled "Trade unions and employment issues and practices in Oman” organized by Bachelor level students specialized in HRM, Business Studies Department

05 December 2021

On Wednesday and Thursday 24th and 25th November, 2021, Ms. Hudham Al Mazrui, an HRM lecturer, together with a group of students of employee relation course sections 1,2 and 3 organized a two-hour seminar titled: “Trade Unions and Employment Issues and Practices in Oman” presented by Mr. Khalifa Al Hosni Head of Programs and Legal Awareness Department, from General Federation of Oman Workers.

It was an opportunity for the students to learn and have a practical awareness about trade unions stories and industrial examples in Oman. Also the students got the chance to practice their soft skills by means of organizing the seminar and following up with Ms. Hudham for further guidance and help required.

In regards to the learning and knowledge key areas that the students have gained, the following are some examples of the key learning areas that were gained during the seminar:

  1. Practical knowledge about the type of trade unions implemented in Oman
  2. How trade unions are formed
  3. The link between the trade unions’ role and the human resources department in terms of negotiation and communication tasks
  4. The benefits of the trade union to the employees and the companies especially in the private sector in Oman.

The seminar structure was 1 hour of presentation and 1 hour of questions and answers between the students and Mr. Khalifa.

Watch the recorded videos of the seminar below:

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