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Staff and students of Applied Sciences Department jointly celebrated the 46th National day of Oman through various exhibits and a common lunch party to enhance their mutual social interactions

24 January 2017

The hot air balloons rose to the skies like the combined aspirations and ambitions of the staff and students of the Department of Applied Sciences for achieving excellence in the teaching and learning by promoting harmony and national integration on the Oman’s 46th national day celebrations conducted at the department on 22nd of November, 2016. 

The patriotism and a spirit of brotherhood were shown in every person gathered at the event with an innate joy expressed involuntarily on all the faces.  The greetings between the students and teachers added to the atmosphere to enhance the mutual social interactions with the “thumbs up signs silently exhibiting the strong emotional bonds” between the “mentors and mentees”.

The unity among all the staff and concern for the wellbeing of each other at the department were evident from the soft spoken words and wishes exchanged between the individuals with cheerful smiles and spontaneity of service motive that sprang up while serving the food. The arrangements are well planned with an apt decoration of the venue. The center of attraction at the venue is the display of “His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s picture, to which, every individual observed with profound gratitude, indebtedness and reverence. Many students and staff started taking photos by standing near to the picture.

The highlight of the event was that all the members of the administration have taken active part in inviting and serving the food for the students and the other staff, showing their ownership of the department.

The spirit of equality and true brotherhood was put into practice when the Head of the Department of applied sciences Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati and the HoS of Physics Unit Dr.Mohammed Shafiq Ahmed moved a step ahead in inviting and serving the food for the cleaners attending their regular duties at the venue.

The young Omani staff distributed small tokens of appreciation to all the staff and particularly to the expatriate staff by specially thanking them for their service to the department, HCT and Oman. The HoS of Environmental Sciences, Dr.Suad Al Kindi, HoS of Applied Biology section, Dr. Afraa Said Al-Adawi and the HoS of Applied Chemistry section, Dr.Wafa Mustafa Al Lawati participated very actively in the event.

It has been a regular practice at the department of applied sciences to celebrate the national day for the past few years. The report on the previous year’s celebrations can be viewed from the link provided below.

This event is conducted as the second social event in the academic year 2016-17 to improve the working environment among the staff at the department.

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Dr. Pankaj Sah, Mr. Ulyssess Andres & Ms. Bushra Abdul Hussein Al Lawati

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