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Mr. Uriel Erasquin and Mr. Mike Medina,Technical Staff of The Department of Applied Sciences, Conducted Two Seminars at the Caledonian Technical and Laboratory Services (Catalyse) Department

17 April 2016

Two back-to-back seminars entitled “Chemical Safety and Storage: The Chemical Hygiene Plan and How would you respond? Integrating the issue of climate change in the culture of health, safety and environment” were conducted by Mr. Uriel Erasquin, Technical staff member of Applied Chemistry section and Mr. Mike Medina, Technical staff member of Environmental Sciences section of Department of Applied Sciences   on the 7 th April, 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00pm at the Caledonian Technical and Laboratory Services (CATALYSE) Department, Caledonian College of Engineering Al-Hail Campus, Muscat.  

To fulfill one of its vision of delivering quality test and calibration laboratory services in the future, CATALYSE, which is a newly installed department, is continually organizing a series of trainings and seminars for its staffs which are handling and managing the 43 potential laboratories.

The back-to-back seminars were organized by Dr. Sherwin T. Sepe, Assistant Manager of CATALYZE, in coordination with Dr. Samiya Al-Jaaidi, Head of the Department,  Department of Applied Sciences, HCT, as a part of the Department of Applied Sciences community engagement and extension initiatives.

Caledonian Technical and Laboratory Services (CATALYSE)

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