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Applied Sciences Department Students Win Furap Award Worth R.O. 2400/- from TRC (For The Academic Year 2016-2017)

12 March 2017

In a yet another path finding success in research, the Applied Sciences B. Tech students from Chemistry section have won FURAP research award of R.O. 2400/- on 24th July, 2016 from The Research Council (TRC) Oman.

The Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Project (FURAP) is titled as " Development and validation of analytical procedure(s): Quantitation of antihistamine drugs in pharmaceutical formulations". 

The names of students winning this funded research project are:

  1. Shamsa Said Khalfan Al-Hadhrami (24J1231) (Team leader)
  2. Bashair Mohammed Rashid Al Marhoubi (34J1250)
  3. Safa Saleh Said AlSulaimi (16J12151)
  4. Zainab Darwish Said AlShamoosi (14J1212)

The name of supervisor is Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi.

The research is of scientific and pharmaceutical importance to Oman through which quality, quantity and safety of antihistamine drugs are ensured. The research will focus on development of new analytical methods for quantitative determination of active chlorpheniramine maleate in pharmaceutical formulations.

Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi had also won prestigious National Research Award (NRA) by TRC in the year 2015 for his earlier research work published in “Luminescence” (Wiley and Sons), 2015; 30:1352-1359.

On behalf of the Dean, HoD Applied Sciences, HCT administration and all HCT staff members, the College Staff Research Committee (CSRC) congratulates the students and Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi for their grand success and wishes many new achievements for HCT students in future.


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