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Dr. Manal Humaid Al-Khanbashi, a Faculty Member from the Applied Biology Section of the Applied Sciences Department Won the First Prize as the Team Leader in the First Industrial Innovation Specialist Program conducted by Innovation Centre (IIC)

16 April 2018

As said by Dr. Geoff Nicholson “Research is the transformation of money into knowledge. Innovation is the transformation of knowledge into money. Creativity is thinking but innovation is doing, if you have an idea you should have the passion to do something about it.”  Sometimes the greatest innovations in the history of mankind like a lifesaving “Penicillin” used as a drug or a life easing “Post-it note (or sticky note used to stick on pages of a book or document temporarily)” are great commercial hits, even though these ideas (or products) should face the rigor of the testing times. The history of Industrial revolution is full of evidences showing that “innovation can transform the economies of industries and societies at large”. The National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification in Oman is named as “Tanfeedh”. This program acts as a catalyst between the industry, academic and public sectors.

One of the initiatives of “Tanfeedh” is establishing “The Industrial Innovation Centre (IIC)” in the Rusayl Industrial Estate during the year 2009 with the direct support of “The Research Council (TRC)” and the “Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE). The main purpose of IIC is to bring fruitful collaboration between the industrial sector in the Sultanate and the research community including universities, colleges, labs, institutes, and science centers. The IIC launched a novel program of graduating 100 specialists in industrial innovation from the entire Sultanate of Oman, through a course entitled “First Industrial Innovation Specialist program” in collaboration with the international partners (training institutions and universities from the United Kingdom) starting from December 10, 2017 till March, 2018, by bearing the training costs for all the participants.  The program brings those Omani youth in numerous fields with the capabilities of innovation into the limelight by motivating them with the course content delivered to them by the experts. With the cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Implementation and Follow-up Support Unit of “Tanfeedh”, the IIC celebrated the graduation ceremony of 100 specialists in the industrial innovation on 7, March, 2018. The ceremony was held at the Tourism College, and was graced by H.E. Dr. Fuad bin Ja’afar bin Mohammed al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Dr. Manal Humaid Al-Khanbashi, a faculty member from the Applied Biology Section of Department of Applied Sciences  and innovation section leader of the HCT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit participated in the “First Industrial Innovation Specialist program” and was awarded “first prize of the course as the team leader” after getting short listed twice (from the top-10 and then from the top-5).

Dr. Manal Humaid Al-Khanbashi acknowledged the help and motivation provided by all the members of IIC and particularly Mr. Sean Buckland, Mr. Gregor McPherson and her team members Mr. Abdurahman Al Bulushi, Mr. Ammar Al Kharusi, Ms. Maimouna Al Farsi, Mr. Mohammed Al Jabri and Mr Salim Al Siyabi. She also expressed her sincere thanks to the authorities of “The Ministry of Manpower”, “Higher College of Technology, “Department of Applied Sciences” and “Applied Biology Section” for permissions, support and encouragement.

Dr. MANAL Humaid Al-Khanbashi

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Dr. MANAL Humaid Al-Khanbashi

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