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Training Session on Newly Acquired Equipment at Section of Environmental Sciences, Department of Applied Sciences

10 October 2019

Environmental Science Section is in continuous process of getting equipped to cope the future challenges. It was back in the October 2017, when Environmental Consultancy and Technical Services Companies started requesting environmental services and instrument from the section of Environmental Sciences. Their request demanded certain equipment which were not acquired by the section then. Those instruments were supposed to be used monitoring environmental parameters in the air, water and soil studies. At the Environmental Science Section, these instruments are used in Field Study and techniques, Fresh Water Ecology, Marine Ecosystem and Costal restoration, Ecotourism Management and many more subjects. It majorly comprised of Van Veen Grab (Photo 1: to collect marine sediments and soil samples), Van Dorn Water Sampler (Photo 2: to collect sample at a certain horizontal depth), Neskin Sampler (Photo 3: For column/vertical depth of water sample collection), and Depth Sounder (Photo 4: to measure depth of water at a certain point using Ultrasonic sound waves). All of those instruments were ordered in Annual Budget 2019-20 and had been received by the section.

A training session advised by Head of Section, Dr. Suad Al-Kindi, attended by all teaching and technical staff, was conducted by a newly joining Omani staff, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Zakwani. Mr. Ibrahim has a history of working in an environmental consultancy company before joining HCT as a lecturer. The staff had shown keen interest in the use of these instruments and agreed to the fact that it will help the section serve the students in a better way. The students can be trained during their study and they can contribute to the diverse future opportunities in the field of Environmental Consultancy and Technical Services.

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