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Biology Laboratories

The Biology Section of the Department of Applied Sciences currently has three laboratories that support the development of learning and discovery for Science students every semester. The three laboratories – M102, M303 and M305 – are suitably located on the ground and second floors of the Science Building.

Students from all levels perform experiments in the Biology laboratory to validate and reinforce various Biology principles taught in the theory classes. This also provides the opportunity for the students to operate different laboratory equipment, guided by the correct execution of laboratory techniques, and most importantly, implement laboratory safety awareness. Moreover, the laboratories cultivate, develop and enhance the students’ analytical skills and creative thinking, which are indispensable attributes when students begin to work on their respective projects. All of these are undertaken under the supervision of qualified Lecturers with the assistance of competent Laboratory Technicians.

Besides, the section has a Project lab (M204). Essential Biotechnology instruments like PCR, Cooling Centrifuge, Electrophoresis Units, Plant Growth Chamber, ELISA Reader and Shaker, Sonicator, Kjeldahl Digestive System, Extraction Apparatus etc. are housed here. Project students get hands on practice on these equipments which prepares them better for the job market.

Biology Lab Biology Lab

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