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The Physics Unit of the Department of Applied Sciences currently has 4 laboratory room; M204, M-206, M-209 and SP-18, 3 preparation rooms; M203,M208 and SP-18 and a stock room M205. Room M203 also functions as the office of the Physics Unit Head coordinator. These rooms serve as the learning threshold for Engineering and Science students. M203,M204, M205, M206 and M209 rooms are located at the second floor of the Science building and new laboratory SP-18 is in Sandwich panels behind science building. These laboratories and preparations rooms were recently renovated to advance into a more contemporary laboratory conducive to learning environment. The unit recently installed numerous workstations and acquired modern equipment for a computer aided laboratory experiments. These new facilities were equipped to perform practically 80 sophisticated experiments.

The laboratory seeks to help students develop a better understanding of physics. Laboratory experience must be a part of education of Engineering and Science students. Most attention is paid to idealized situations. Consequently physics students should be able to: do experiments, observe and measure real phenomena, organize, display, and critically analyze data, analyze sources or error and determine uncertainties in measurement, draw inferences from observations and data, and communicate results, including suggested ways to improve experiments and proposed questions for further studies.

Physics laboratory experience is in helping students understand the topics being considered. Thus it is valuable to ask students to write informally about what they have done, observed, and concluded as well as for them to keep well-organized laboratory. The intention of the laboratory was to provide students with a laboratory with a purpose ... just a purpose, and it is hoped that the purpose is clear enough and detailed enough that students can be freed up from a lengthy list of procedural directions in order to spend their time thinking about the question which is presented in the Purpose.

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