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Applied Biology

Applied Biology is the epicenter of modern science. Understanding basic biology pathways is a key to gaining new knowledge of the living organisms and their life cycle, for the prevention and combating of disease, allowing for the expansion of current boundaries in medicine and science. In addition to medical applications, applied biology is indispensable for the development of tools implemented for environmental and bio-nanotechnology problems.

The section of Applied Biology at the Higher College of Technology is committed to strive for excellence by sustaining the current areas of strength, stimulate learning environment, fostering interdisciplinary with more emphasis on laboratory work, and embracing on developing new methods on promoting new ways to improve the technical skills of our students.     

A chief mission of Applied Biology is to educate future generations of students to become critical thinkers and the leaders in their fields. We offer a wide range of courses to fulfill the curriculum in order to graduate students with B.Tech in Applied Biology.   Our courses address both the basic principles of biology and advanced fields in Applied Biology. 

Our section is also working very closely with other institutions in the Sultanate such as private sectors to improve our student’s technical and operational skills.

Head of Section - Applied Biology
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  1. Job Opportunities
    • Biological and Medical Laboratories
    • Food Industry
    • Fisheries
    • Animal Breeding
    • Wild Life Management
    • Research and University Laboratories
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