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Environmental Sciences

As the head of Environmental Sciences Section of the Applied Science Department at Higher College of Technology (HCT), here in Muscat, Oman, it is with great pleasure to welcome you to the Environmental Sciences Section.

The Environmental Sciences Program started in 2003 after its approval by the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) as a new additional specialization of the Applied Sciences Department. The creation of the program is a vivid manifestation of MoM’s support to the government’s goal of synchronizing the country’s socio-economic development with the conservation and protection of the environment and its biodiversity. It is with great pride and joy to let you know that the program has graduated the pioneer batch.

It gives me a great pleasure to see so much interest of students about the Environmental Sciences program. In fact, this program reflects the aim, goals and objectives of the Applied Sciences Department. The primary focus of its curriculum is to impart technical know-how to students, enhance their problem solving skills and abilities in the innovation of new technologies. The contents of its courses are periodically updated so that new scientific and technological developments are introduced to the students. Also, the program promotes environmentalism since it is becoming more and more significant in today’s world. This is just one of the clear manifestations of our commitment to eco-friendly lifestyles.

The Environmental Sciences students are involved in performing research projects that are anchored on Oman’s Environmental issues. The section’s research facilities together with the other department facilities are available to support our academic program and research endeavors.

I feel a sense of pride in saying that the ES Section, indeed, prepares our graduates, to be committed and efficient human resources for both government and private sector which I believe, is a significant milestone as we continue to strengthen our focus in increasing diversity in the country’s supply chain of human resources.

Being the head of the section, I believe that the erudite staff members are playing a vital role in developing students heightened intellectual, cultural, ethical, and humane sensitivities; to foster a scientific temper, and to promote professional and technological expertise.

I, and on behalf of the staff members, am delighted to offer this program and wishing you success and continued prosperity.

Dr. Suad Said Al-Kindi
Head of Section - Environmental Sciences
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  1. Job Opportunities
    • Technician working in laboratories or field/industries.
    • Compliance officer on behalf of regulatory agency.
    • Professional working on behalf of company for the protection and preservation of the environment.
    • Consultant working on behalf of companies.
    • Researcher performing laboratory or field industrial environmental work.
  2. Job Prospects
    • Industries
    • Governments agencies
    • Private agencies
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Research laboratories
    • Natural gas/crude oil facilities
    • Petroleum products & petrochemical companies
    • Food & Hospitality
    • Transport & Maritime
    • Construction/Real Estate sector
    • Agriculture and fisheries
    • Water and Coastal Agencies
  3. Specialization Presentation
  4. Degree Audit
  5. Staff Orientation Handbook
  6. Environmental Sciences Section Course Booklet

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