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Forty Eight National Day of Oman was celebrated as a major social gathering event at the Department of Applied Sciences on 19-11-2018

23 December 2018

Social gatherings enhance the cross communications between the administrators and the staff. They also promote a sense of belongingness to the work place and make the staff to feel at ease and helps them to air their views on the day to day activities. They also help the newly recruited staff to understand the culture and dynamics at the work place. Often at the social gatherings a lot of communications will be exchanged easily between various teams of the staff, who will not meet each other on a regular basis. The team spirit and team dynamics works to the best during the socialization on any special patriotic events.

The staff at the department of applied sciences assembled in the room number M-116 and M-117 on 19-11-2018 from 1-30 pm onwards for celebrating the “48th National Day of Oman” being jointly organized by Science Club, Student Activity Co-ordinator and Staff Development Committee. Amidst a big round of applause, the Head of Applied Sciences Department, Dr.Mohammed Ali Oueslati cut the cake along with Dr.Wafa Mustafa Al Lawati, the Head of Section of Applied Chemistry section, Mr. Shabir Ahmed Nadeem, the Head of Physics Unit, and Dr. Pankaj Sah, Acting Head of Section of Applied Biology section.

There was a lunch party celebrating the occasion, where different sweets, variety rice, fruits and many tasty dishes highlighting the traditional Omani food along with the soft drinks and Omani Kahwa were relished by one and all.

During the Lunch party the warm greetings exchanged between the Omani staff and the expatriate staff shows the harmony and the amicability prevailing among the staff in the department. The lunch party also shows the strong friendly bonds between the technical staff and the teaching staff working as teams in promoting the best interests of the department.

The personal involvement of HoD and HoSes during the refreshment distribution and enquiries about the well-being of each and every staff member on one to one basis added a value to the occasion.

It has been a regular practice at the department of applied sciences to celebrate the national day of Oman for the past many years. The report on the previous year’s celebrations can be viewed from the link provided:

The organizers of the event Ms. Safa Ali Mohammed Al-Siyabi, Dr.Muzna Saif Khalfan Al Siyabi and Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu expressed their profound thanks to the HoD and all the HoSes for their kind co-operation. This event was conducted as the first social event in the academic year 2018-19 to improve the working environment among the staff at the department. In total the Oman National Day was celebrated with respect, joy and happiness at the Department of Applied Sciences.


Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Dr.Pankaj Sah

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