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Dr. Gopala Krishna of the Department of Applied Sciences conducted three sessions of orientation programs for both students and staff on the procedures to be followed for on-line registration to OJT during the Summer Semester of the AY 2017-18

19 April 2018

The origin of social learning theories dates back to 1940. In the early 1960’s the term Observational Learning is coined by Albert Bandura a famous psychologist. On Job Training (OJT) practiced in academic institutions is a direct application of the observational learning.  The learning through watching the behavior of another person is called as observational learning. The person whose behavior is observed is called the “model”. The learning takes place spontaneously, with no deliberate effort on the learner’s part or any intension to teach on the model’s part. It is a quite inexpensive method, because the learner is placed at the identified work place of his choice and learning takes place just by observation in the stipulated time without any additional payment to the trainer.

An orientation program on the procedures involved in the On-the-job training (OJT) regarding the online registration for the summer semester of AY 2017-18 was conducted at the Department of Applied Sciences, Higher college of technology for the academic advisors in two sessions from 10 am to 11 am and 11 am to 12 noon on 25-02-2018 in room number M-316 (Seminar room) by Dr. Gopala Krishna, OJT co-ordinator of the department. The sessions are well attended by the new academic advisors.

In order to generate an awareness of OJT procedures among the students of the department aspiring for the OJT positions in the summer semester of Academic year 2017-18, a workshop was also conducted to students by Dr.Gopala Krishna on 08.03.2018 from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm in HCT Auditorium of the Higher College of Technology (HCT). The main objective of this program is to present a comprehensive picture of the OJT to these aspirants.

Dr.Gopala Krishna explained in detail about the online registration process. Students were informed that they have to submit the completed OJT logbook within five working days after the completion of OJT for getting the clearance from the college or otherwise their names will be sent to Student Affairs for further action and this may delay their graduation. The information about this event was given to all the students well in advance, through the HCT website and also through the bulk mails to the all the advisors and the advisees.

Dr.Gopala Krishna distributed the feedback forms to the students and made the students to use their mobile phones for accessing the OJT link for explaining the process of on-line registration.

Dr. D. Gopala Krishna expressed his profound thanks to Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati, Head of the Department of Applied Sciences, all the Heads of sections/Unit, OJT, Head & central team in Students affairs, Dr.C.Rama Chandra Prabhu, Head of Departmental Staff Development Committee and all the other departmental colleagues, especially the OJT team members for their active support and co-operation. The orientation program was well attended and was successful with a brief question and answer session.                                     
This activity was conducted by department of applied sciences in order to meet the partial requirements of Goal-8 of the strategic plan: “We will provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well-managed to ensure efficient student and staff services”.

Dr. D. Gopala Krishna

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Mr. Ulyssess Andres

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