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Orientation Programs on the “On Job Training program (OJT)” for the Academic Year 2017-18 for both the Faculty and Students at the Department of Applied Sciences by Dr. Gopala Krishna supported by Dr. Dinesh Bheeman and Mr. Mohammed Zakir Hussain

30 November 2017

On Job Training (OJT) provided to the students as a part of their graduation requirements at the HCT helps them in enriching and enhancing the acquired knowledge. The student’s outlook about the professional life will be completely changed when they are exposed to the actual places of the work. The students understand the true picture about the inter-personal relationships through their real-time interactions with the other employees within the organization or an Industry, where they undergo the OJT training.

 As a part of regular yearly activities conducted at the Department of Applied Sciences, an orientation program on OJT activities for the academic year 2017-18 was conducted on the procedures to be followed during the OJT training for the faculty on 7/11/2017, from 10 am to 12 noon  and on 14/11/2017, from 10 am to 1 pm to the students aspiring for OJT training program  during the second semester of AY 2017-18  by Dr. D. Gopala Krishna, a faculty member of Applied Chemistry section and the present OJT coordinator of the Department of Applied Sciences. He is supported by Dr. Dinesh Bheeman, a faculty member of Applied Biology section and Mr. Mohammed Zakir Hussain, a faculty member of Environmental Sciences section.

 The following are the Objectives of OJT

  • To provide work experience enabling students to apply what they learnt in the college and acquire new skills.
  • To give students an opportunity to establish interest in industrial/ commercial activities.
  • To provide foundation to prepare students to work efficiently in their jobs after the training.
  • To create two-way link between the industries/establishments and the Colleges of Technology so as to utilize the trained manpower in the progress of the country.

The OJT team informed the students and faculty gathered during these orientations about their success in establishing the contacts with almost 140 private and government organizations for the OJT placements either by themselves or by the previous OJT coordinator’s at the department of applied sciences. Dr.Gopala Krishna informed the students approaching any company on their own that, they must start the OJT training within 15 days from their registration. If for any reasons, they cannot join the company of their choice, then they have to join the organization or the company allotted by OJT team of the department or the student affairs.

The interaction of the students and faculty during these orientations with the OJT team was very good and these activities met all the requirements and objectives for what they are conducted. The question and answer sessions were lively and the OJT team was successful in answering the questions raised by the students and faculty members.

Dr. D. Gopala Krishna and the other members of the OJT team of the department of applied sciences expressed their profound thanks to Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati, Head of the Department of Applied Sciences, all the Heads of sections, Head of the OJT central team at the students affairs, and all the other departmental colleagues, especially all the OJT team members for their active support and co-operation.

This activity was conducted by department of applied sciences in order to meet the partial requirements of Goal-8 of the strategic plan: “We will provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well-managed to ensure efficient student and staff services”.

Dr. D. Gopala Krishna

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Mr. Ulyssess Andres

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