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Staff members of the Physics Unit of the Applied Sciences Department says adieu to their senior colleague Mrs. Geetha Pradeep

06 February 2018

As professed by Late Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life is a journey, not a destination". Entrances of individuals to work places will be exciting and the departure of a person will bring an eye opener to the colleagues and will remind all of them about their onward journeys to different destinations having greener pastures. Identification at a work place comes with the quality of the work turned out by the individual, the valor and prudence shown during intellectual battles and the rock-solid attitude shown after the victory or the untiring reorientation and rebutting of strategies after a failure. Mrs. Geetha Pradeep, a senior faculty member of Physics Unit who conquered the hearts and comforted the minds of every staff member of Physics Unit in particular and department of applied sciences in general. Mrs. Geetha was always adored as a successful teacher by all the students and an un-parallel registrar of the department, who ruled the rostrum for about one and half decades.

Staff members of the Physics Unit of the Applied Sciences Department said adieu to their senior colleague Mrs. Geetha Pradeep on 7th December 2017 by assembling in the Physics Laboratory (Room number M-204) at around 1-30 pm. The Head of the Department of Applied Sciences, Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati in his brief speech appreciated the good work done by Mrs. Geetha to the department as a registrar and he wished her all the best at her new work place. Mr. Shabir Ahmed Nadeem, the head of Physics Unit stated about his interaction with her as a colleague with compassion and vouched for her teaching abilities. Mr. Zuhair Abdul Ridha Salmeen, Dr. Syed Qaim Hussain and Mrs. Ume Salma , faculty members of Physics stood up to voice their melancholic feelings and wished a bright future for Mrs. Geetha. As a response to the farewell given to her, Mrs. Geetha Pradeep thanked the head of the department, all heads of sections and all her colleagues. She expressed her deep love and appreciation to everyone in the department and stated that she will be extending all her administrative and academic support to the department as and when needed.

On behalf of all the staff of Physics Unit, Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati presented a flower bouquet and Mr. Shabir Ahmed Nadeem presented a token of appreciation to Mrs. Geetha. Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu, a faculty member of Physics stated that Mrs. Geetha has a good administrative talent and wished her to utilize to her benefit at the new work place.  The warmness in the hugs given by the HoS of Applied Biology section, Dr. Afraa Said Al-Adawi and HoS of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Suad Al Kindi, speaks volumes about their whole hearted applause to Mrs. Geetha. The HoS of Applied Chemistry section, Dr. Wafa Mustafa Al Lawati and all other staff members of Physics unit expressed their mixed feelings by either shaking hands with her or posing a photograph with her. A farewell party was hosted by the Physics Unit in honor of Mrs. Geetha.

These types of activities were encouraged at the department of applied sciences in order to honor the people who had contributed to the growth of the department and left their legacy as a great repository for the budding enthusiasts.

Written by:
Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Photos credit:
Dr. Pankaj Sah

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