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Research work of Dr. Syed Najmul Azmi and Dr. A. Roquia of Applied Chemistry Section was presented in an international conference: 8th Pharmaceutical Care Conference, Towards Professional Excellence in Pharmacy Practices at Oman Convention Center

02 April 2018

Independence of ideas is a key factor for the individual excellence in research, whereas the  inter-dependence of individuals among the various faculties is the need of the hour during the  execution of the developed research ideas to realize a collective benefit and to pave the way for the economic growth. For enhancing the scientific values through the “Research & Development” and also to promote exchange of inter-disciplinary scientific research experiences among the individuals, the Department of Applied Sciences encouraged Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi and Dr. Roquia of Chemistry Section to present their research work as posters during the three days of the 8th Pharmaceutical Care Conference: Towards Professional Excellence in Pharmacy Practices organized by the Directorate General of Medical Supplies, Ministry of Health conducted at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre during 19 to 21, February, 2018.

The titles and authors of the two posters are presented below:

Title: Spectrophotometric determination of amlodipine besylate with p-chloranilic acid by charge transfer complex formation in pharmaceutical formulations

Authors: Nafisur Rahman, Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi

Title: Design and synthesis and molecular properties of novel chromeno pyrazoleoxadiazoles analogs of potential antimicrobial properties

Authors: Amatur Roquia, Tilak Ram

The conference was instrumental in enhancing creativity and innovation in the field of pharmacy and also provided an opportunity for exchanging the scientific experiences among the researchers working in the field of pharmacy. The conference had plenary lecture sessions by internationally renowned speakers, poster presentations and an exhibition by the pharmaceutical companies. The conference was held under the patronage of HE Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Saeedi, Minister of Health with a welcome speech delivered by Ph. Nussaiba Habib Mohammed, Director General of the Directorate General of Medical Supplies.

Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi, and Dr. A. Roquia expressed their deepest gratitude to the College Dean, Dr. Khalid Abdul Aziz Ambusaidi, Head of the Applied Sciences Department, Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati, Head of Applied Chemistry Section, Dr.Wafa Mustafa Al Lawati and Coordinator of Research & Consultancy Committee, Dr. Suad Al-Kindi for their continuous support, facilities and encouragement. Both the faculty members acknowledge the co-operation of all the faculty members and technical staff for their help at various stages of this research work.

This activity was encouraged by Department of Applied Sciences in order to meet the partial requirements of Goal-6 of the strategic plan: Support staff participation in research-oriented events, such as conferences and workshops.

Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz Azmi & Dr. A. Roquia

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