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Department of Applied Sciences conducted a Yearly Staff Gathering and a Departmental Meeting for the AY 2017-18 as a Major Social Event

18 December 2017

 Theme-1: Celebrating the diversity among the staff for developing a good team spirit and building a vibrant group

If planning is one facet of success, execution of a plan and bringing it into reality is the key contributor to really achieve the planned success. At the department of applied sciences, equal weightage is given to planning and the execution of a plan. As a major social event in the department of applied sciences a yearly staff gathering was conducted at HITAM RESTAURANT, Jasmine Complex, Al-Khuwair, Muscat on13-12-2017 from 2 pm onwards. In this gathering the main theme was celebrating the diversity among the staff for developing a good team spirit and building a vibrant group.

The head of the department, Dr.Mohammed Ali Oueslati addressed the gathering and presented a brief progress report of the department. Along with the head of the department the high table was shared by the heads of sections of Applied Biology, Dr.Afraa Said Al-Adawi, Physics, Mr. Shabir Ahmed Nadeem and Environmental Sciences, Dr.Suad Al Kindi.

Dr.Mohammed Ali Oueslati expressed his profound gratitude to all the departmental staff and stated that Department of applied sciences was rated as number one in terms of research. He thanked all the active researchers at the department for this landmark. He also thanked all the departmental co-ordinators and the departmental council for making the department a very congenial work place. He welcomed the newly joined staff to the department and introduced them to the audience. He stated that every staff member must be confident about his/her performance and should be bold to put forth ideas which may help the department to achieve new heights.

This social event is conducted in accordance with the Goal 8 of HCT strategic plan, which states that “we will provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well-managed to ensure efficient student and staff services”. On behalf of the staff development committee Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu, Head of Staff Development Committee welcomed the staff and also proposed a vote of thanks. Inter-continental lunch was served and all the staff members enjoyed the same. The details of the other proceedings at this event will be reported as separate themes. The event was very successful and it aided the social interaction among the staff.

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Mr. Ulyssess Andres & Dr. Pankaj Sah

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