Staff Activities


The term “staff” generally represents people in authority within an organization, however in an academic institution there will be two types of staff, i.e. “the teaching staff” and the “non-teaching staff”. Particularly in a Higher Educational Institution like our Higher College of Technology (HCT), even though a teacher directly imparts information or skill to a student by putting forward the subject matter as a series of inter-related facts or a set of principles and a non-teaching staff member supports the teacher, both of them are dealing with a “student at a tender age”, i.e. “a powerful component in the future national building process”, i.e. a “future citizen” and “a future human resource of a country in particular and the entire globe in general”.

The term “activity” is a form of verb indicating that the subject performs the “action” which means” doing things or energetic in operation”. In light of the above meanings understood for the individual terms “staff” and “activity” in the context of Higher Educational Institutions, if the two words are joined to make the phrase “staff activity”, it means the necessary process to “energize the personnel involved in the teaching department” who in turn will guide the students to have a fruitful academic journey to fulfill their aims in life and to mould them into responsible countrymen and women in the first place and global citizens at large.

By consolidating the above few ideas it is to be understood that the activities which have to be undertaken in a teaching department for both teaching and non-teaching staff have a direct relationship with the future of enormous number of students graduating from the institution and also is linked to the progress of a country in the initial stages, which leads finally to the prosperity of the total mankind.