Staff Activities

Proposed Activities in Future

Professional Developmental Activities

  • A LECTURE ON “Value Innovation” by Professor Kabaly P Subramanian, Faculty of Business Studies, Arab Open University, Oman Branch, Muscat on 04-04-2012.
  • SYMPOSIUM AT AL-MUSANNA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY entitled “Best Practices in Teaching and Learning at MCT Campus, Musanna, Oman on 30-04-2012.
  • 3rd NCT SYMPOSIUM AT NIZWA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY entitled “Industry and academia collaboration for technological innovation” at NCT Campus, Nizwa, Oman during 28-29, May 2012.
  1. Test Construction (How to prepare test questions) and the art of questioning
  2. Item Analysis and Test Banks
  3. Preparation of slides for Power point presentation in lectures, pre-laboratory and post-laboratory discussions
  4. Writing of objectives and learning outcomes
  5. Writing of handouts and other instructional / teaching materials
  6. Writing of proposals and scientific papers
  7. Excel computer program and e-learning
  8. The preparation of grade sheets and other documents that must be submitted to the examination committee
  9. Effective teaching strategies
  10. Standard English in speaking and writing
  11. Basic Arabic Verbal Communication
  12. Use and maintenance of laboratory equipment (AAS, GC, Oscilloscope etc.)
  13. Proper arrangements of chemicals and materials in the laboratory
  14. Maintenances and calibration of Balances
  15. Maintenance and calibration of microscope
  16. Proper waste management and disposal
  17. First Aid in the laboratory
  18. Filing and indexing of office reports and documents
  19. Preparation of solutions
  20. Preparation of culture media, stock culture
  21. Bill of Quantity (BoQ), Product Specifications and Tender
  22. Preparation of Laboratory Lay-out
  23. Preparation of Laboratory financial budget
  24. Use of Excel program
  25. Safety Hazards
  26. How to prepare a poster?
  27. Classroom Management
  28. Student Psychology
  29. Most Effective Delivery Techniques of a Course
  30. How to handle stress?
  31. Time management
  32. Work Ethics and Communication Skills

Cultural and Social activities

  • A “Social gathering event either on a beach or a garden” , A sports fest and “Fare-Well Meetings and Parties” for outgoing staff constitute the social activities.
  • ANNUAL PARTY MAY BE PLANNED ON A BEACH OR A GARDEN OR A RESTAURANT WITH FAMILIES with the title “Social and Cultural Evening”, which may include farewell to any of the staff members leaving the department. Cultural programs to be arranged must be in accordance with the local customs and values such that the decency and reputation of the institution is held high in the eyes of the public.