Science Club

About Us

SCIENCE CLUB is one of the academic student activates which was stablished in 2007at Higher College of Technology. The club is targeting Applied Sciences Department students whom have the passion to participate in different scientific and public events. It is cultivating the student’s personalities by providing them with chances to utilize their different skill (e.g. management, planning, speaking…ect). The members in Science Club are working to expressing the scientific information and knowledge’s. Science Club is encouraging the students to keep improving their different hobbies by representing their creativity in the implemented activities. On the other hand, participation in the internal and external group activates motivate and induce the students to search for more information related to their specializations curriculums.

You are welcome to communicate with us and keep update with our programs through our different social media accounts:
Instagram: @Scienceclub_hct
Twitter: @Scienceclub_hct

Science Club membership is a very good opportunity for all Applied Sciences Department students to take a break in between their academic duties.

Saliha Al Maqbali
Science Club Coordinator