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Part-1: 2015-16 - HCT Open Day at the Department of Applied Sciences ”Magic of Science” - Highlights on the inaugural & closing ceremonies, sports and exhibits of physics unit

31 March 2016

“Actions always speak of ones intensions”. Inculcation of right intensions in the minds of youth by creating a sound belief system through the medium of science is always a challenge in teaching science. The rational use of cause and effect to arrive at the logical conclusions to every aspect in the lives of the future citizens of Oman is the central philosophy of science education that is being promoted at the Department of Applied Sciences.  The actions of the students and their teachers in the classrooms and laboratories in the process of constructing their own meaning of science and getting it validated through the universal scientific norms is displayed through various exhibits at the open day at the department of applied sciences on 20-03-2016 from 9 am to 3 pm. These exhibits stands as a testimony in using the well celebrated “constructivism” as the method of learning and research.  The event at the department of applied sciences is entitled as “Magic of Science” with a message: “There is no magic stick- Just there is a science”. The event had silently portrayed a “landmark achievement of the department” in showcasing the settled convictions, deep-seated virtues and open minds of students and their teachers in all the domains that can collectively fall under the umbrella of applied sciences. This process is an output of a gradual evolution in the past three decades from the inception of the department of applied sciences. The paradigm shift and the swift positive changes that are being witnessed in the teaching, learning and research at the department in the past five years can be attributed to the meticulous planning and dedicated work and un-compromising nature of the Head of the Department of Applied Sciences, Dr. Samiya Al-Jaaidi in gaining the confidence and co-operation from her strong, cohesive and dynamic team of Heads of Sections & Committees, Co-ordinators and other officers. in particular and their collective alignment in motivating all the other staff, in general, who in turn are working day and night as a dynamic team for  uplifting each and every student stepping the department in all aspects of science education, leadership and personality building. The day started with the inaugural session at the entrance of the new building around 9-00 am, which was also a general assembly of the Dean, Assistant Deans and other College Board members, in which the HoD of Department of Applied Sciences participated along with few other staff members.

The dynamics of planning and the successful implementation of the plans for the event started several weeks before the event. The Friday and Saturday before the event (i.e. 18 & 19 March-2016) showed the peak performance of the students and the staff involved in the process, especially Mr. Faisal Hamood Al-Kharousi, Co-ordinator of Science Club, who stood by the students at all the times, his involvement and moral support  is noteworthy.  Even though, it was a weekend with an inclement weather with rain, any visitor to the department on these days before the event would have got an impression that students are just working like honey bees collecting the nectar (i.e. constructing the beehive of knowledge), with a matured self-discipline in performing their set roles and tasks given to them by their teachers (or project supervisors).  Having witnessed their performance on these two days, anyone will conclude that “if these young minds are properly ignited and directed towards a goal, they can show an unmatched performance with unimaginable results”. Hats off, to the person (or to those persons) who is/are at the backdrop of all the planning without their physical presence at any scene during the construction of this event, for the motivation and inspiration given to the students, who have finally brought a life to the event.

Sports are classified as extra-curricular activities. The spirit of sportsmanship that is imbibed at the formative stage of a student’s personality will give lifelong yields, which can be reaped either by the individual or the society (i.e. the scaffolding in which the individuals have to ultimately perform). Sense of fellowship and brotherhood with ones competitors, playing the game of life for its own sake and enjoying every turn and twist, practicing and promoting fairness, ethics and respect will be the few characteristics of a sportsperson. With the encouragement given for the development of the sporting spirit in its students, the department of applied sciences bagged a second prize by its student team in the football matches conducted among all other teams of various departments of HCT that are formed in connection with the open day.

Artistic and histrionic talents are also considered as extra-curricular activities. The department is having many students having these talents, yet to be tapped and nourished. However the student Mr. Yousuf Al-Kharoushi has proved his talents by acting in the drama played during the closing ceremony. The theatrical way of showing the human emotions on a stage is often classified into nine mental states. If these nine primary feelings are properly evoked, both the performer and his audience will be swinging and swaying in joy and finally undergoes ecstasy, which in a scientific way relieves of the accumulated stresses in human psyche. The performance of the students in the drama was much matured and it displayed the nine feelings viz., wonder, heroic mood, disgust, horror, love, peace or tranquility, compassion, fury and above all the laughter, which proves that a proper training in this direction to the budding citizens of Oman can carve out better actors from Oman.

It is often told that Physics is the mother of all sciences because of its innate rigor, rationale and excitement. The Physics unit at the department presently headed by a dynamic manager and task master Dr. Karim Sellami has come up with a theme of showing the potential of renewable energy to be displayed in four exhibits during the open day. Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Ahmed, faculty member of Physics  supervised the exhibit entitled “Domestic use of Solar Energy - A form of Renewable Energy” presented by the students Mr.Ahmed Ali Salim Al-Maqbali, Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Al-Mafaji, Mr. Faisal Fadhil Sulaiman Al-Yahyaee and Mr. Amer Rashid Nasser Al-Habsi. Mr. Abdul Hadi, faculty member of Physics, supervised the exhibit entitled “Wind Energy” presented by the students Ms. Fatima Al-Muqbali, Ms.Iman Al-Dhuhli and Ms. Kawthar Al-Salhi. Mr. Hakeemulla Syed, faculty member of Physics  supervised the exhibit entitled “Integration of Instrumentation with renewable sources of energy” presented by the students Ms. Bahia Saif Said Al-Mewali, Ms. Zainab Mohammed Hamed ALAisaee and Ms. Rahma Rashid Salim Al-Husaini. Equally ignited by the enthusiasm, the three technicians of the Physics unit Mr. Jimmy Santos, Mr. Mario Alibin and Mr. Marlon Calpotura came up with a model for “Harvesting energy from rotating objects”. This project was made out of a used paper roller from an old defective printer, DC motor (with brush), light emitting diode (LED), light dependent resistor (LDR), gears, some resistors and transistors showing the real technical ability and expertise available at the department of applied sciences.

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Mr. Ulyssess Andres & Dr. Pankaj

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