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To be the first choice in business institutions not only in the public but in private as well for high-achieving motivated students who seek an individualized educational experience with the resources of the government-funded, the Higher College of Technology. This should be recognized by our stakeholders as effective in preparing graduates for careers in public and private business/industry.


To be a part of a highly respected College that develops professionals in business with the personal dedication, ethics, and lifelong learning capabilities needed to succeed professionally and to serve society. We work as a diverse community promoting excellence in learning, teaching, scholarship, and service. The Business Studies Department provides an individualized educational experience to develop the business skills and appreciation for continuous learning necessary to succeed in a dynamic global economy. Our high quality programs develop ethical, knowledgeable, and technologically competent business professionals. We strive to do this to further the Higher College of Technology mission of fostering a small-departmental environment but with large opportunities.


The goal of the department is to provide highly quality applied and professional business education in order to produce competent, resourceful, and ethical Omani business graduates in different business disciplines including professional qualification in accounting.


 1. To produce graduates who are well equipped with the basic skills in functional areas of business.
2. To produce graduates who are well equipped with analytical skills.
3. To produce graduates who are competent in applying business concepts and theories in real workplace of business.
4. To offer a curriculum designed to take into account modern thinking in business,thus insuring relevance to current world of business practices.
5. To develop student’s communication skills.
6. To enable the students to work individually and in a team.
7. To provide the students with the computing facilities to enhance their capabilities in using information technologies.
8. To foster hands-on experience through assignments that use advance educational technologies and software such as the Internet.
9. To enable the students to utilize the available information resources.
10. To enable students to work with highest codes of ethics.


 1. Students' Orientation
2. Field trips and company visits
3. Business Society
4. Participation in outside competition
5. Invitation of outside lecturers
6. Staff development seminars and workshops

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