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Accounting Club Celebrates International Accounting Day

24 November 2022

On International Accounting Day, the accounting Club Supervisor Reem Al Farsi and her team organized an event on 10th November 2022 to praise International Accounting Day. This celebration was directed as a social action focusing on the Staff and the students at the College of Economics and Business Administration. The event started with a motivational speech by Dr. Yousuf Al Balushi Head of the Department.

There were a couple of fun activities done for both the lecturers and the students as the event focused on the accounting section. It started as an accounting version of Family feud Games hosted by two of the accounting club students Isra Al Lawati and Khalid Al Farsi to test the knowledge of the lecturers about their students.

Guess who game was played next, and it was targeting the student to guess their lecturers in their childhood as part of the fun activity. The Accounting equation game was targeting both lecturers and students to compete against each other as part of the challenge, it showed how students can work under pressure. (Bring me game) was conducted as part of fun activities to move the blood circulation of the attendees .

The program was very entertaining and motivating. All the attendees highly appreciated it. Accounting club members thanked all the supporters for their resourcefulness and valuable effort.

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