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Business Society is a society under Business Studies Department in the Higher College of Technology. It was performed on 29 of March 2015. The society is supervised by Ms. Abeer Ali Al Kharusi, the Head of Business Society and all members of the society are from Business Studies Department students. Business Society consists of different committees; each one has its own responsibilities and duties. The structure of Business Society is shown in the diagram below:




  1. Enhance the relationship between the students and the external parties (companies, institutions and organizations)
  2. Involve the students to participate in most of the events that are held in or outside the college (Job Fairs, National Day, HCT Open Day, Symposiums, Conferences and Workshops)
  3. Motivate the students to utilize their abilities and talents in a way that will help them to develop their personal skills in a practical manner

Committees' Responsibilities:

  1. Activities Committee
    • Arrange different events and activities such as Job Fair, Business Day, Exhibitions … etc
  2. Media Committee
    • Design and publish announcements for Business Society
    • Prepare the periodical department magazine with the supervision of Ms. Abeer Al Kharusi; the Head of Business Society
    • Coordinate with the newspapers publications for any event that might be held at the college
  3. Public Relations Committee
    • Interact with the external parties in order to build a strong relationship with them
  4. Coordinating Committee
    • Coordinate between other committees
    • Document and file the work done by Business Society

Business Society Contact Details:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business Society is the student's gateway to gain skills that will enable him/her to create mutual relationships with people to develop professional competence personality and increase the level of self-confidence, maturity and professionalism.

Ms. Abeer Ali Al Kharusi
The Head of Business Society

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