Business Studies Department

Specializations Offered


      CAT Program

           The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) is an introduction to accountancy.  With this qualification, a graduate will be able to support financial managers in any type of business all over the world.
           Management. With an emphasis on flexibility and opportunity, the qualification is accessible to anyone aged 16 years or older.  There is no time constraint to complete the examinations thus; the students after finishing their academic studies in the college may continuously pursue to complete their examinations at a pace which are suitable to them.

           As a qualification, upon completion of the requirements of passing all the examination stipulated, the graduate will be qualified to be called a Certified Accounting Technician and can affixed the CAT designation after his/her name. This also allows the graduate to be eligible for automatic transfer to the ACCA professional Qualification, and entitled to exemption from Part 1 of the examination.

      Accounting Specialization

          The Accounting specialization covers a broad range of relevant studies. Accounting is one of the fastest-growing and demanding fields in today’s global business world. It provides students with accounting and financial knowledge and competencies, which are relevant for qualified professional positions in both public and private sectors. Accounting specialization broadens students’ theoretical and practical skills in describing, calculating, interpreting, and evaluating.

      Office Management

          The Office Management specialization is designed to provide students with skills needed to effectively deal with today’s changing work environment. Office Management equips students with knowledge in the area of office management and enhances their capabilities in computer applications, document management, communication skills, problem solving and the overall legal environment of an office.

      Human Resources Management

          The Human Resource Management (HRM) Program provides students with a framework for analyzing issues in HRM like manpower planning, recruitment, training, productivity, appraisal…etc. Graduate of HRM know more details of the duties and activities of HRM and the importance of human elements in organizations. They will learn how to effectively deal with today’s dynamic environment and the economical forces affecting employee-management relation.

Due to the global technological advancement, and to keep pace with these advancements, more companies around the World adopting E-Business (EBUS) and turning to the Internet for business solutions and new ways to meeting customers’ demands. The EBUS specialization enables students to work in organization keen to adopt Technological solution for conducting business. EBUS specialization is designed to facilitate hands-on learning among students to know how to design and operate web sites and generally conduct e-commerce and e-business effectively. It is structured in a way to accommodate the needs of students who are knowledgeable in information technology as well as those with little or no experience in the area.
Marketing and Retailing

The Marketing and Retailing (MAR) specialization covers case studies from both Oman and beyond with a research project focused on marketing issues. MAR is designed to help students to work in public, private or non-profit sectors who need to gain customers for their products and services either internally, externally, or business-to-business.




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