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The Human Resource Management program provides students with the framework for the analysis of issues in HRM (Recruitment, staffing, training... etc), the program will enable the graduates to know more details of the duties and activities of human resource management and the importance of human elements in organizations. The will learn how effectively deal with today's changing environment, the economical forces affecting employee-management relation.

HRM program prepares the students for employment in a high-tech business environment. HRM students will be properly equipped with the required management and analytical skills to enable them to work effectively and efficiently in any private or public organization.

We would like to welcome you to Human Resource Management program and thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. The main goal of Human Resource Management program is to satisfy the HR market requirements of current Omani industries in areas such as knowledge, skills, qualifications and professional competence. This will facilitate practical learning and more career opportunities for you. Moreover, the HRM program offers both theoretical and practical experience that shall result to distinct and well qualified HR graduates.

The Human Resource Section aims to equip HCT students with effective and efficient knowledge and practice of human resource concept. Specifically, it focuses on enabling the students to learn and practice the required HR skills such as recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, team work, conflict management, or compensation and benefits that are necessarily essential in today’s organizations.
Students who study HRM program are expected to learn theoretical and practical HR skills that will enable them to create mutual relationships with people develop professional competence personality and graduate from the college with increased levels of self-confidence, maturity and professionalism.

Wish you the best and a successful career with us.

Head of Section

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