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E - Business Specialization

E-Business is the booming sector in today’s global market. It is a new style for conducting business online (via the internet). It consists of selling and buying products and service through the internet. In addition, it supports the exchange of Information and data, via the internet, to perform selling and buying transactions. E-Business specialization helps students to be familiarized with the latest trends of business in the new scenario of online business.

The purpose of the E-Business specialization is to prepare students for advancement in the field of latest trends and technologies used for e-business. E-Business is a vast and diverse discipline. It integrates the traditional way of business with the current scenarios of online business. It is concerned about various aspects like managing business online, organizing customer’s and supplier’s data in form of databases.  
The course focuses on the basics of E-Commerce and E-Business, issues related to E-Business, different software application like ERP and the role of E-Business in changing the face of traditional business.  This course helps the students to understand the key information related to starting and managing a business online.  It encourages the students to understand the existing scenario of online business and adopt a career in the related field to their specialization of choice.

Students before taking the specialization must understand that this field is related to many technical subjects and should take this particular specialization only when they have inclination towards the technology. They have to keep themselves updated about the latest technologies and trends by reading the newspaper regularly.

Student should follow the rules and regulations of the college strictly. New students who take E-Business specialization should submit a copy of their civil identification card to the Head of sections as they may be demand to fill personal information form. Before starting the senior project the students should discuss and should try to explore new industries to do a project as it will help them to find new job opportunities.

Students are advised to academic problems FIRST with their course lecturer and then raise it to their advisor or department head of section. Complaining directly to the Head of Business Department is not allowed and the complaints will be rejected. Student should present acceptable behavior in-outside their classes. It is a must to establish a direct healthy relationship with academic advisors and update them with any trends and problems.

Students with doubts are advised to contact the Acting Head of Section:
Ms. M. Seema
Section Coordinator
BS 055, 24473814, Ext. 5214

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