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The information in this webpage is deliberate to ensure the delivery of quality plans and documents by Department of Engineering QA team.

Quality is the outcome of teamwork between the members and those in charge of Quality Assurance. Those providing development must put into service Quality Control to ensure that products and services meet or exceed expectations of quality. Those responsible for Quality Assurance must review or audit these products and services to ensure the Quality Control efforts are achieving desired results. The overall outcome of these efforts is continuous improvement in the ongoing quest for the highest quality engineering products and technical reports with the most efficient use of resources.

Engineering Quality Assurance Program has been recognized to ensure continued high standards of quality. It will look for tools and to manage department performance for the benefit of all concerned, but especially the students and staffs of Engineering Department. Timely reviews will be one method used to administer quality. The review outcome, be an audit of a Quality Control Program. While Quality Control is performed, Quality Assurance reviews will occur only for a representative sampling. While Quality Control is ongoing through the development, a Quality Assurance review development has been completed and is under construction.



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