Civil & Architectural Engineering

Enhancement / Practical Training

1. A general outline (Goals, Objectives & Outcomes) for E/PT will be designed by each department (for each specialization) related to the level of training (certificate, diploma, higher diploma & degree) and nature of skills and competences required for all the relevant jobs in the market.

2. The trainees will work in the college (full time) for 8 hours per day for 6-12 weeks. The trainee has to complete at least 240 hours of actual E/P training.

3. The department coordinator will conduct “Training Sessions/briefs” for the students once and college assessors twice at least 1 to 2 weeks before the start of EPT.

4. A lecturer/s (college assessor/s) will be assigned to the eligible students for EPT who will prepare ‘Learn & Work Assignment’ (LW) and a Training Schedule (as per the departmental general outline) before the start of training in consultation with the instructors/technicians. The training schedule depends on the facilities available in the department to acquire relevant skills and competences during the period of training. The instructors/technicians will be the second College Assessor in place of Industrial Supervisor during OJT.

5. The college assessor will play a secondary role as guide, philosopher, facilitator or advisor to the trainee in achievement of desired skills, knowledge and competences related to the relevant jobs available in the market for that level and specialization.

6. At least one day before the EPT, the college assessor will brief the trainee student about the training labs/workshops and nature of work, Training Schedule, LWA, action cycle chart, timings, goals, objectives and outcomes of the corresponding level of EPT. The ‘Student Logbook’ will be given to the student.

7. The trainee will:

  • assist and work with the assigned instructors/technicians in the labs/stores/workshops;
  • attend all the assigned practical/technique and project classes in the labs/workshops along with the regular students. They will also get assistance from the course lecturer like a regular student;
  • attend all special classes/visits arranged for them by the department;
  • complete the ‘action cycle chart’ of the LWA during the project/field study based on self reliant, student centered learning approach;
  • update (re-structure) the training schedule based on the ‘action cycle chart’ to achieve relevant job competences in consultation with the assessors;
  • complete Project/Field study under the guidance of the college assessor. 

8. Daily attendance for the trainees will be recorded and monitored by the assessors/instructors/technicians.

9. Trainees will record the daily work in the ‘Student Log Book’ and get endorsed daily by the instructor/technician/course lecturer.

10. The college assessor (academic staff) will monitor and assess the skills gained, work performed, attendance and records in the ‘Log Book’ at least once a week. He/She may suggest guidelines for future course of action during the training.

11. The trainee will be continuously assessed by all the concerned assessors but not graded.

12. The trainee will submit the ‘Student Log Book’ containing attendance sheet, project/survey report along with a brief summary report related to the E/PT at the end along with the feedback (questionnaire), to the college assessor. 

13. The satisfactory completion of the E/PT shall be certified by the concerned college assessor in consultation with the instructors/technicians after an oral interview or a presentation. This is to assess the student’s ability and confidence related to the nature of work performed, skills gained during E/PT. The trainee and the college assessor will critically analyze the work done during the project/Field Study, the skills, knowledge & occupational competences attained(as per the training schedule) and suggest improvements related to his work and training programs.

14. If the performance of the trainee is found to be unsatisfactory during the E/PT, then the concerned assessor will recommend remedial steps for the successful completion of the Enhancement/Practical Training (E/PT).

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