Civil & Architectural Engineering

On the Job Training

The Activities in a Nut - Shell:

1. Allotment of OJT places to the students in consultation with the:

  • i/c of OJT place;
  • student;
  • concerned department;
  • OJT section of the college.

2. Nomination of college assessor 2 to 3 weeks before the start of training, for each place of OJT in consultation with the:

  • concerned department;
  • OJT section of the college.

3. The department coordinator will explain the training procedures to the students once and college assessors twice at least 2 weeks before the start of OJT.  

4. College assessors shall visit the OJT places at least one week before the start of OJT & prepare the “Training Schedule (Scheme of work)” in consultation with the industrial supervisor. The “Scheme of work” may be changed or altered later as per the need. The industrial supervisor shall be briefed about all the aspects of training, assessment, evaluation and finally grading.

5. A copy of the ‘Assessment record of OJT activities’ to be given to the industrial supervisor.

6. At least one day before the OJT, the college assessor will brief the student about the training place & nature of work, Training Schedule, timings, goals, objectives and outcomes of the corresponding level of OJT.  

7. The trainee student will be given the “Student Log Book” for the OJT. Note: Every level of OJT carries 3 credit points. The college assessor will assess for 40% of the total assessment while industrial supervisor the remaining 60%.  

8. College assessor will visit the allotted places of OJT in the first week of the training.  

9. Subsequently the visit by the college assessor to the OJT places will be every fortnightly. During every visit, the college assessor shall discuss with the trainee student as well as the supervisor regarding the work, check all the relevant recorded documents and affix his signature in the Log Book with date.

10. There will be two assessments, one at the end of 4th week and the second during the 8th week of the OJT.

11. At the end of the successful OJT, the student will submit a written project report to the college assessor along with the ‘Student Log Book’ and his feedback form.

12. There will be a presentation at the end to assess the student’s ability and confidence related to the nature of work performed and skills gained during the OJT. The trainee and the college assessor will critically analyze the work done during the training, the skills, knowledge & occupational competences attained by the trainee (as per the training schedule) and suggest improvements.  

13. Successful completion of 8 weeks of OJT with a minimum of 300 hours of actual training will entitle the student for the award of diploma, higher diploma or degree respectively provided he also completes 6-12 weeks of Enhancement/Practical Training.  

14. For further details regarding assessment, grading, etc., refer the guidelines given in the log book.

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