Civil & Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

We envision a Architectural specialization that bridges the aesthetic concerns of the discipline of Architecture with the issues of future practice by educating students to be engaged designers and technologically astute professionals, by fostering a unique connection to the profession.

Throughout the course the term’ architecture’ is used in its widest sense and will cover other components of the built environment such as structural engineering, city planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture and industrial design in order to clarify ideas or to point out parallel or controversial developments in allied fields.

It introduces students the principles of professional architecture practice. The course helps to demonstrate the students competence in design by applying a series of design methodologies construction technologies and environmental control systems, within the context of current architectural theories to a complex architectural project.

The course will study the procedure of transition from traditional to modern design and building. Its objective is to examine general trends or tendencies, when there is a change from traditional to modern architecture. The environment and its effects on buildings, ultimately users, has without doubt become a corner stone in contemporary building design.

No designer, nowadays, can afford to ignore environmental design due to its strong interdependence with other design related disciplines such as sociology, economics, ecology, on the one hand, and its weight in current building regulation on the other.

The objective of this course is two fold. First to introduce students to a better understanding of environmental design concepts, tools and techniques; and second to develop a systematic design approach to be utilised at a practical level.

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