Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Message from the HOS


In striving to provide the requirements of the aforementioned priorities, goals, mission, and vision, the Department of Engineering meets with several opportunities and confronts several challenges, which are discussed herein.

The Department has several opportunities that can be capitalized on through proper actions. The first of these is the commitment and support provided by the Ministry of Manpower. In addition, strong links are being established with industries in the Sultanate, which have exhibited willingness to participate in supporting the Department. Moreover, the Sultanate's economy is going through a strong expansion phase that can help in expanding the Department and its services. This can be done through providing continuous education to employees and availing research, development, and consultation services to private and public entities.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Section is one of the three sections of the Department of Engineering. The section offers ladderized programs namely: Computer Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering , Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. All of the programs cater to students in Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, and Baccalaureate levels.

Head of Section
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