Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Mechanical and Industrial Section is one of the three major sections under Engineering Department established right from the beginning of the college. The section has well experienced faculty and staff members of proven ability and professional skills. It has well equipped laboratories and workshops that cater to the needs of the students.

The MIE-section offers the following specializations:

• Mechanical Engineering (Baccalaureate level)
• Chemical Engineering (Baccalaureate level)
• Air Conditioning and Refrigeration(Diploma level)
• Oil and Gas(Diploma level)

The section is backed by a number of well developed laboratories such as CNC Lab, with state of the art hardware and software. The section also has well established basic laboratories such as Thermodynamics Lab, Instrumentation & Control Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Material Testing Lab, Static and Dynamic lab and Air-conditioning and Refrigeration lab with full fledged facilities. The section has good fitting workshop, Machine Shop, Gas and Arc welding sections and also Air conditioning and Refrigeration workshop. Chemical Engineering specialization was started during semester 1 Academic year 2012-2013, and for this reasons the labs for this programmme are being setup.

All the programmes under MIE section play a dominant role in helping the local industries in fulfilling their manpower requirements. We at the department and as section in particular strive to take that envisioned role for future good of the local community.

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