Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that applies the physical sciences (e.g., chemistry and physics) and/or life sciences (e.g., biology, microbiology and biochemistry) together with mathematics and economics to processes that convert raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms.

The chemical engineers are known for their contribution and uplift of human life by their innovativeness and perspiration.  The Chemical Engineers are always in the forefront to make earth a better place to live in to provide solutions to serious threats an challenges  being put forth by various activities of mankind. As problem solvers, chemical engineers work with leading edge technology viz., nanotechnology, fuel cells, biomedical technology and synthesis of smart materials.

The working of chemical engineers mainly comprises of design, manufacture and operation of plants and machinery for bulk chemicals, development of new processes and materials.   The Chemical Engineers by profession lead life with higher responsibilities as Process Engineer, Safety Engineer, Product Engineer, Design Engineering, quality Control Engineer, Consultant and Researcher.

A Chemical engineer is employed in the manufacture of inorganic chemicals (viz., acids, alkalis, pigments, fertilizers) organic chemicals (viz., petrochemicals, polymers, fuels, propellants, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals) biological products 9 viz., enzymes, vaccines, bio-chemicals, bio-fuels) and materials (viz., ceramics, polymeric materials, paper and biomaterials).

A  Chemical engineer has wide acceptance in the industrialized environment. To begin with chemical engineers have good career opportunities in traditional industries like Chemical Energy, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Metallurgical, Cement and Fertilizer Industry.   The Emerging areas of Engineering viz., Bio-Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering Science and Technology. 

In Oman, good opportunity exists for students to pursue their career in  LNG and Oman Oil Company, Octal Petrochemical, Sohar Refinery, Fertilizer Plant, Raysut Cement Factory, Salalah Mills company, Dhofar Nutriceuticals, Aluminium Companies etc.