Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


The program provides high quality education and training in the field of Mechanical Engineering. With special emphasis on the required technical skills at technician level, which are important in employment market and hence open wide working opportunity in Mechanical Engineering sector. The program also enables successful graduates intending to pursue higher studies.


The program should enable the student to: Contribute to the society in a broad range of careers in Mechanical Engineering. Employ study skills and computer knowledge for a successful career in Mechanical Engineering. Acquire sufficient in-depth knowledge to promote life-long learning and progress towards higher studies. Acquire technical skills necessary to enter careers with the required qualification to employees. Maintain professional and ethical responsibility. Deal with issues in logical technical manner. Recognize new development in his field and cope with the future technological advancement.


A graduate should be able to:

1. Apply knowledge of:

- Basic Science and Engineering to analyze the process and the performance mechanical system.

- Material Science, engineering design, mechanics of solids/fluid, thermodynamics, computer science, electricity/electronics and engineering drawing to gain strong background in the area of Mechanical Engineering.

2. Apply logically:

- Basic technical concepts to the solution of industrial problems.

- Management, analysis and implementation of basic mechanical system.

3. Function independently or part of a team on multi-disciplinary projects.

4. Effectively commit to quality, time line and continuous improvement.

5. Communicate effectively through series of peer and faculty reviews to include oral and written reports.

6. Work on different phases of major-scale projects such as, planning, manufacturing and maintenance under supervision of senior mechanical engineer.

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