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Welcome to the Fashion Design Department where you will find plenty of information relating to our program, our objectives and developments.

The Department of Fashion Design at the Higher College of Technology was established at the start of the academic year 2008-2009. The Department’s program is very challenging for both Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting which enables students in Oman to learn the fashion skills and techniques of the clothes production and attend workshops designed exclusively for the fashion industry offering information regarding latest technologies, fabrics and trends are passed on.

Traditional ideas about fashion design are breaking down as the fashion world becomes more global and economically significant. Though it is not primarily a textbook-course program, students that are selected into the program own an artistic talent to begin with, and are taught to strengthen and develop their passion while given extensive knowledge and comprehension of fashion interpretation. As international fashion brands continue to emerge in Oman, our highest objective is to open opportunities for Omani women to compete in the industry job market having gained one of the strongest programs in Fashion & Design possible. We fully support the Sultanate’s Omanization plan and look forward to seeing our graduates fulfill positions such as production managers, textile manufacturers, pattern drafters and fashion designers, marketing and brand managers, buyers, merchandisers and more.

For the time being, the Muscat branch is the only College to offer this cutting-edge program. If you are interested in joining the program, we are very happy to answer any questions in person at the campus grounds of the Higher College of Technology, Muscat.

Head of Department

Fashion Latest News

  • 8 months ago
Fashion Design Student’s awareness orientation was held on the 22nd of September 2022 at 10:00AM, for the Academic Year 2022-2023. This is to help and secure the safety in our working area and the campus in general.


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