Fashion Design Department

About the Department

What is our vision and mission?

The Fashion Design Department will plan to assist the Higher College of Technology’s vision and mission to providing the highest quality teaching, learning and training opportunities, and to becoming the program of choice for students interested in the fashion industry. In all student matters, the department adheres to the bylaws of the College.

Objective of the Fashion Design Department

For the coming three years, the Fashion Design Department will focus its efforts on providing the optimal resources to fulfilling the needs of the students, teachers, program and effectively the Sultanate’s present and talent of tomorrow. The fashion program’s mission is to serve the community by providing technical training that meets the demands of the fashion industry, as well as a learning-centered program that grows to meet the needs of the individual, allowing the student to identify his/her career objectives.

 • Understand fashion as a way of life.

 • To appreciate new cultures and grasp differences through an artistic language.

• Teach students how to explore, anticipate, imagine and create.

• How to observe and analyze the consumer and the market need.

 • High quality teaching in fashion creation.

• Train creative fashion designers and pattern drafters.

 • To become a part of tomorrow’s talent.





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