IT Department

About the Department

The Department offers wide range of courses at different levels (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and B.Tech) & delivers the courses offered to achieve student’s development for the best career success in the following specializations:

  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Information Systems
  • Advanced Diploma & Bachelor in Networking
  • Advanced Diploma & Bachelor in Database
  • Advanced Diploma & Bachelor in Software Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma & Bachelor in Internet and E-Security
  • Advanced Diploma & Bachelor in Information Systems

These specializations are concerned with designing, constructing, installing, maintaining and using computing technology. This technology permeates every aspect of our advanced industrial society in the Sultanate and has an enormous influence on how it is organized and evolves. The Diploma Year 1 and Year 2 are common year for all specializations (except Information Systems) and it focuses on preliminary concepts useful in IT field.

Upon successful completion of Diploma Year 1, the Diploma Year 2 allow students to take an aggressive, hands-on approach to object oriented programming through JAVA, System Analysis and Design, Software Engineering and Networking. A successful completion of this year permits the students to choose one of the specializations according to their Interests.

This department also offers some IT & Math Courses in different departments.

The main goal for IT Department is to offers the best of both theoretical education and practical experience. So that produce graduates with the necessary theoretical and applied backgrounds needed to pursue careers as Information Technology professionals in industry, business and services.

The department objectives are:
1. To promote enthusiasm among students by participation in an information and scientific-based knowledge community.
2. Enable graduates to communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form from that fulfills the purpose and meet the needs of markets.
3. To enable the students to adapt to the professional requirements.
4. Produce graduates who are ready to take responsibility for own actions and decisions.
5. Produce graduates appropriately skilled and sufficiently responsive to embrace the fast changing Information Communication Technology.
6. Enable graduates to undertake professional activities in Multimedia, Database, Software Engineering, Networking and Internet and E-Security.
7. Produce graduates who are flexible enough to work in exciting IT areas, such as games programming, Internet application development, Network, Security control and graphic Design.

All students graduating with a Baccalaureate Degree in Information Technology from Higher College of Technology, Muscat will be expected to show mastery as follows:
1. Design, develop, test, and evaluate software systems.
2. Recognize the need for and expect to engage in, life-long.
3. learning for continued professional excellence.
4. Apply their knowledge to the solution of practical and useful problems.
5. Communicate effectively.
6. Work collaboratively.
7. Have a solid understanding of computational theory and foundational mathematics.
8. Have substantial exposure to advanced topics in software and computing systems.
9. Have a comprehensive general education background.
10. Be prepared to successfully enter the job market and/or graduate studies.
11. Understand professional responsibility

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