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Oracle Academy Faculty Day hosted at the Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Oman

01 December 2019

The Higher College of Technology (HCT), Muscat hosted the Oracle Academy Faculty Day event last November 21, 2019. The event was attended by over a hundred participants from the different Colleges and Universities, namely: (i) Al-Zahra College for Women, (ii) Arab Open University, (iii) Oman Tourism College Gulf College, (iv) Majan University, (v) Mazoon College, (vi) Middle East College, (vii) Sohar University, (viii) Sultan Qaboos University, (ix) University of Nizwa, (x) Waljat Colleges of Applied Science, (xi) Ibra College of Technology, (xii) Ibri College of Technology, (xiii) Nizwa College of Technology, (xiv) Salalah College of Technology, and (xv) Higher College of Technology. Also, other participants were coming from the Industry, such as (i) the Ministry of Manpower, (ii) the Bank Dhofar, (iii) the Public Authority for Civil Aviation, (iv) the Ministry of Health, (v) the DGHS, and (vi) the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

The aim of the event was to update more about the Oracle Academy Program’s new features, its free academic new courses, Oracle Academy Cloud Free Tier, as well as technology topics like Cloud Computing and the like.

It has been acknowledged that the Oracle Academy is a driving Industry to advance computing education globally to enrich knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. According to the statistics, the Oracle Academy supports over 2.6 million students in 106 countries and one of these is the Higher College of Technology.

The resource speakers of this event were Ms. Jane Richardson and Mr. Willie McCabe. The former is a Senior Director of the Oracle Academy, EMEA (Europe Middle East and Asia) and has the responsibility of managing and developing of the Oracle Academy Academic Program in Europe Middle East and Africa.  The former spoke about the topic “Advancing Computing Education” and why we do invest in Computing Education. The latter is a Senior Director and who is also a member of the Education Oracle Academy, with the responsibility of managing and developing Curriculum Development and Member Benefits and Member Education. The latter discussed about Oracle Academy Member Education.

The participants of the event, who were mostly academicians, believe that the rapid changes in the era of globalization where approaches in learning and relearning are entirely different nowadays. Likewise, sharing and implementing what we learn in the fast-changing world is another thing with the onset of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Failing to update knowledge and failing to exert effort for professional development may leave one behind. And the fact that we are expecting more technological developments that are coming onward… So one thing is for sure - - we have to really embrace technology in order to cope up with the demands of the times.

The Head of Department of HCT, Dr. Huda Al-Shuaily, and the Oracle Coordinator, Ms. Ronette S. Rabanal, shared their experiences with the Oracle Academy. According to them, over 10 years of experience with the Academy is an advantage in the curriculum because of the set of benefits it offers. Moreover, the IT Specialization Committee ensures that the Oracle Academy course learning outcomes have been integrated into the curriculum to map it with the universally in-demand learning outcomes. Subsequently, this results to a more actively engaged students in their learning using the platform ‘iLearning Oracle’. Like any other academicians and teaching institutions, everyone should help the students thrive in the 21st century economy where IR4.0 revolutionizes every aspect of our lives.

Based on the foregoing, the HCT encourages not only the staff but more so the students to gain credentials to prove their Computing skills as Oracle offers a number of certifications that are tangible proofs of world-class competencies. Students should be motivated to experience the so-called “world-class learning experience”. Students should acquire the competencies that are aligned with the expectations of the job market which would help them in their future career.

The event ended with a pleasant encouragement among the participants to help the students succeed. This is in consonance to the theme of the said event “INNOVATE, LEARN DEVELOP, AND EXCEL!”

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