IT Department

IT Foundation Course Offerings

Course Code Course Name Course Description
FPIT0001 IT for FOUNDATION This course provides concepts of the main functional blocks of a computer system and how they work in sequence to process information. It also covers computer networks, internet fundamentals, word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications.
FPMT0001 BASIC MATH This course gives an introduction to the concepts in real numbers, exponent laws and their application to simplify fractions, decimals and percentages. It enhances students’ knowledge in understanding coordinate planes, trigonometric functions, circular functions, applications of basic algebra and trigonometry in real life problems.
MATH1102 PURE MATH The topics covered in this course deals with functions and its graph, the inverse relationship between exponents and logarithmic functions and finding solutions to related problems This course also helps the students to be familiar with sequences, series and it is comprehensive in understanding descriptive statistics and basic probability concepts.
MATH1103 APPLIED MATH The course provides intensive knowledge of linear equation in two variables, sketching the graph, solving the life problems involving linear, quadratic and exponential functions graphically and algebraically. It also details the inverse relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions and their use in solving related problems. The course helps the students to gain knowledge in simple and compound interest problems and basic concepts of descriptive statistics.