IT Department


This specialization provides students with the business and technology knowledge to plan design and develop database applications. Besides producing technologists in database to meet the market needs, the course also provides a strong foundation in database related programming, administration and structure.

This specialization allows students to gain skills and knowledge that are needed to design, install and maintain appropriate networks for different environment. It also allows students to gain high level understanding of current and immediate future technologies in networking and develop skills that are needed in design development and implementation of appropriate network.

Software Engineering
This specialization prepares the students to have a firm footing in the Software Engineering. It also provides students with skills to become creative in the development of software in designing technical programming procedure.

Internet & E-Security
This specialization allows students to understand distributed resources and network management and computational intelligence. It also allows students to meet the increasing needs of organizations and communities in understanding, preparation and recovering from threats to information infrastructures.

Information System
This specialization allows students to gain competency in applying technology and business management. The students will play the role in a business team by designing and implementing hardware and software solutions in solving business problems. Hence, this program will prepare students to meet the challenges in the global marketplace over a wide variety of industries.

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