IT Department

Internet & E-Security

This specialization allows students to understand distributed resources and network management and computational intelligence. It also allows students to meet the increasing needs of organizations and communities in understanding, preparation and recovering from threats to information infrastructures.

I would like to welcome you to the world of security at Internet & E-security section of Information Technology Department. Our highly qualified and dedicated faculty is always ready to impart knowledge and skills necessary to make you well-trained security specialists. Security is new and ever changing era in information technology which is becoming an integrated and necessary part of organizations as well as communities. There is hardly any area of life which is not affected by this new aspect of IT. Today, there is immediate huge demand for security professionals to handle ever growing security threats. This section strives to give you in-depth knowledge as well as hands on practical training to make computer world more secure and safe place to work and grow. I wish you good luck and assure full support for your new journey towards a bright career and making this nation more secure.


Mr. Muhammed Raheez
Program Coordinator
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