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Welcome to the Exciting World of ITBiz Student Organization!

One leader said “Effective leadership is the backbone to any group or organization”.

ITBIz organization shows challenges of leadership in terms of socio-academic activities in order to balance academic success and social environment.  It deals in a very passionate in embracing new opportunities to expand students’ learning skills, explore interest and passions on academic activities, teamwork, communication, time management, critical thinking and ability to work with others of diverse perspective with the proper guidance and advice from the professionals.

Being Coordinator, I would like to express my warmest thanks as to become part of one of the most active organizations in Higher College of Technology. May this endeavor of ITBiz continuously create distinct environment to all students of Information System (IS) in response to socio-academic skills as critical successful functioning of students’ lives.

I am encouraging all the Information Systems students to join the ITBiz and have fun to contribute to the department, to the college, and to the community-at-large.

Warm regards,
Ms. Mary

Omani Women’s Day

17th of October is the Omani Women's Day. His Majesty has chosen this day for Omani population to celebrate Omani women achievements. Our group (IT-Biz) made a simple celebration at the Higher College of Technology in the IT Department on the 22nd of October, 2013. The theme of the celebration was "Omani women between past and present". A video was played to show how women's life has changed throughout the years, from the very old days until His Majesty came and gave Omani women their rights to be educated and have a fair life in different fields. There were different sections which showed various Omani women interests.

The first section included Omani traditional outfits of different regions.

 The second section showed how an Omani woman used to take care of her beauty making use of nature.

The third section was about jewelry of Omani women in the old days.

The fourth section was a poster on the wall where the celebration visitors can write their comments about Omani Women's Day.

The fifth and last section showed how Omani women would spend their time in the old days, in addition to giving dates and Omani coffee.

Written by: Tasneem Mohammed Al-Ghassani


National Day Celebration

On the 18th of November, 2013 Oman celebrated a very special national event, "The 43rd Omani National Day". For this purpose IT-Biz group had a celebration on the 25th of November, 2013 from 10 am to 2 pm. The celebration started with a March of Loyalty from the Information Technology Building to the Applied Science Building, Assistant Dean, Activities Supervisors, lecturers and students all participated in the March. Heading to the MPH (Multi-purpose Hall) in the Applied Science Building where the celebration was taking place.  

In the MPH there were several sections other than the IT-Biz corner; Business Society Section, Art Section; drawing and showing pieces done by very talented students, and some Business owners with their products. IT-Biz corner had a traditional place for visitors to sit in with a bowl of delicious Halwa and provided a board for them to write their comments about the Omani National Day.

Seminar Workshop

  1. “Self-Branding” by: Zameer Ahmed Al- Zadjali
  2. “Interview Tips & How to Prepare a Quality CV”  by: Nabeel Yahya Al-Balushi

On the 26th of November, 2013 two workshops were held in Lab 419 in the IT building, organized by IT-Biz group from 10 am until 4 pm. The first workshop was prepared and done by Mr. Sameer Al-Zadjali entitled with "Self-Branding". He focused on how a student at the beginning of his/her career should we
sell and promote him/herself. He showed examples of some famous people and the differences regarding popularity, some may be performing very effective work but less effort on self-branding. He divided the student into few groups, gave each group a product and asked them to build a marketing strategy for it; for the purpose of understanding how marketing can make a difference in any person's life.

The second workshop was entitled with "Interview Tips and How to Prepare a Quality CV" and done by Mr. Nabeel Al-Balushi. The presentation was divided into four parts; the first part was about how to prepare a CV and what to mention and add to it, the second part was about some tips on how should a candidate prepare for the interview, in the third part he gave some advices on how to behave during a job interview, the last and fourth part was about what a candidate should do when he gets accepted for the job. The tips he gave were really effective and will help the students when they go for future job interviews. 

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